Indulge Your Senses with Synarome

Our innovation center is consistently involved in the generation of captivating products, drawing inspiration from nature’s elements or customizing them to meet specific customer demands. Within our innovation center, we possess the capability to formulate unique flavours or fragrances to precise specifications, referred to as ‘tailor-made’ offerings. Additionally, we are capable of producing alternatives that perfectly mimic the aromatic profile of a product


Bringing Innovation to life

Compound Development

Our chemists and scientists work on developing and refining formulas. They combine various ingredients in precise ratios to achieve the desired taste and aroma profile.

Laboratory Testing and Scale Up

Once a prototype is laboratory tested and approved, the formula is scaled up for larger production. This involves adjusting ingredient quantities to match the production batch size while maintaining consistency.

Quality Assurance

Throughout the production process, samples are taken and analyzed to ensure that the flavour meets quality standards. This involves sensory testing, chemical analysis, and comparison against the approved prototype.

Packaging & Storage

Finished products are well-packed and stored in controlled environments to maintain their stability and quality. They are then distributed to customers, often within the food and beverage industry, or other relevant sectors.

Collaborate with us for a customized Solution

To create a customized solution involves working together to address specific challenges or meet particular needs.

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